Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Venue Confirmed: The Diocese of Evansville is going to perform at the Chiesa Santa Maria Goretti in Mestre on September 22

The beautiful gem you see on the picture is the Chiesa Santa Maria Goretti in Mestre. There, the travelers of the Diocese of Evansville will perform on September 22 on their Pilgrimage with Incantato Tours.
In 2010 the parish is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Inside there is a great Formentelli Organ, renewed just a few weeks ago.
Barthelemy Formentelli, born in France, is working and living in Italy. His first teacher for church music and keyboard was Marcel Thomas, Meaux Cathedral Master. When Formentelli was 14 years old, he started learning the Organ Builder Art. At the age of only 20, he restored the Dammarie Les Lys Organ. Today he is well known as a Master of Organ Art and Formentellis masterpieces are to find in many Italian churches.
Mestre is a town in Veneto, northern Italy, a part of the commune of Venice. The city is connected to Venice by a large rail and road bridge, called Ponte della Libertà (Freedom Bridge). Mestre is the largest city in Italy not to have the status of autonomous commune. The picture is from the official website of the church.

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